Skindred Norwich Waterfront 28-04-11

Formed after the demise of Webbe's former band Dub War, Skindred have carried forward the former band's fusion of metal/punk/reggae/dub etc and taken it to another level, becoming a seriously impressive live act in the process, scoring well-received support slots with rock titans such as Rob Zombie.

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From the minute Skindred frontman Benji Webbe, wearing sunglasses, a top hat and with most of his face covered, takes the stage of Norwich's Waterfront it's clear that he's in his element; whether belting out some of the band's self-described and distinctive 'Ragga Metal' or cheekily insulting the audience for not singing loudly enough, he is a consummate performer and the crowd lap it up.

For anyone that has not been lucky enough to witness the spectacle of Skindred live before, it should be explained that, rather than simply putting on a live performance, Skindred put on a Show, with the irrepressible Webbe more than happy to create a spectacle whether it's with several changes of headgear, getting some crowd participation going with his easy stage banter or simply clambering onto strategically placed boxes.

Powering through a well-balanced mix of older tracks like 'Pressure', 'The Fear' as well as a cover of Eddy Grant's 'Electric Avenue' first heard on their 2009 release "Shark Bites and Dog Fights" as well as a few from the band's new release "Union Black", such as 'Warning' and 'Cut Dem', it is no surprise that Skindred have built up a well-deserved reputation for being one of the best live bands on the scene at the moment. Something I am sure the sold out audience at Norwich Waterfront would gladly tell you.

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