Pop-punk returns to Sonisphere

I briefly stopped over at the Saturn Stage on my way through to watch Revoker at Red Bull Bedroom Jam Stage. The band on next is one of the more unusual choices for Sonisphere. The organisers always seem to throw a wild card into the mix when putting Sonisphere together, 2009 it was Bjorn Again and 2010 we had Good Charlotte. This year Sonisphere went all out and headlined Biffy Clyro, but now we also had pop-punk sensations, Sum 41 playing their hits on the Saturn Stage.

Normally I would have avoided this, but having to go past Saturn Stage to get to Red Bull Stage, stopping over seemed like a good idea. I was absolutely shocked at the turnout for Sum 41. I must have missed something, somewhere. Clearly metalheads can't resist a wee bit of pop-punk. Saturn stage was packed to the brim with Slayer, Slipknot, Maiden, etc T-Shirt wearing metalheads bobbing to Sum 41 hits. Needless to say, it took me ages to make my way through the crowds to get to Red Bull Stage, but what I heard is what you would expect at a Sum 41 concert. With Deryck Whibley jumping around on stage, and leaving their only hits, 'Fat Lip' and 'Better off Dead' to the end to ensure the Sum 41 fans will watch the entire set.