Friendly Fires

The elements turned out in favour for Friendly Fires as the teeming rain halted just in time for their Main Stage performance. The lack of beaming sunshine still judged their attire of Hawaiian shirts as near inappropriate. Perhaps the grey conditions were to blame but opening with 'Lovesick', Ed McFarlane's vocals sounded decidedly flat. Thankfully a swaggering 'Jump In The Pool' then 'Blue Cassette' brought the upbeat, carnival sound seemingly only gained from a cowbell. Slowly the crowd began to shuffle during a rendition of 'On Board' which shimmered along and enticed McFarlane into the security pit where he remained for 'Skeleton Boy'. This was the only element of intimacy for their set as the wind whipped their intricate, disco sound into the distance with perhaps only 'Live Those Days Tonight' hitting the heights.

Perhaps the greatest compliment you could pay them was that tracks from "Pala" sat comfortably with those from their eponymous debut, particularly 'Hurting' and 'Pull Me Back Down To Earth' with its calypso finale. Gradually the crowd began to ape McFarlane's body-rolling during 'Hawaiian Air' which left 'Kiss Of Life' to smoulder with irresistible percussion and booty shaking rhythms. Even though Friendly Fires could not bring the sunshine, they still brought a welcome carnival sound.