Young Guns get short circuited at the HMV Forum

The Young Guns is a band that has been gradually growing over the past three years or so, going from city to city, strength to strength, playing larger venues and headlining more shows. Their most recent tour gave the lads the opportunity to stop off in Kentish Town at the HMV Forum for their last night of the tour, and they certainly went out with a bang, as well as a few hiccups.

Although the evening began well with three amazing support acts helping The Young Guns to pack the venue with hundreds of music-crazed individuals, it was two tracks into their own set when things took a turn for the worst. Bands tend to think lights and stage settings are very important when playing, however this is actually the last thing listeners' pay attention to when a band they enjoy listening to is up on stage performing some of their most well known songs. On this occasion, The Young Guns had very powerful and very bright backing lights, and after just the second tune of the set, the entire stage went black, with the lights having no hope of coming back on. The lads were therefore left with two options, pull the show or continue on with no lights besides those filtering on to the stage from behind the curtain it's pretty obvious which option the crowd choose.

Performing tracks such as 'DOA' and 'Sons of Apathy' off their debut album 'All The Kings Are Dead', the crowd watching took no interest in the fact that there were no lights highlighting the band on stage, it was the music and the performance that they were there to enjoy and from the screams heard, the fans were loving every minute. By the looks on the face of the band, the sweat dripping from their brow and raw energy bouncing off the walls, they were in their element performing and nothing short of a hurricane was going to get them off that stage. The remainder of the set was energetic, engaging and very passionate with the boys in the band trying their hardest to make it a memorable night, which it certainly was. Maybe the next time the lads head out on tour, they can leave the high beam lights in the garage where they belong.