The Good Wife at Swn 2011

The Good Wife haven't a huge back catalogue, in fact they have just one 7" to their name released so far but their reputation as one of the best hardcore bands currently around in the UK preceded them and drew us over to the Buffalo Bar for 8.30 and boy are we glad we did, this easily turned out to be one of the gigs of the weekend.

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The Southampton four piece play exciting and nasty hardcore and channel the spirits of The Jesus Lizard and Oxbow, with raw vocals, seriously low bass, not a note wasted and an intense front man (although we think it's all in the performance as after the gig he can be seen happily chatting away to the audience). The smallish crowd is really appreciative but unfortunately most people seem to have stayed at the Solus to watch The Joy Formidable, more fool them. The rest of the band stays quite static on stage letting their front man do his thing, which is wandering about restlessly in the crowd contorting himself as he gets lost in the music, they are impressively tight though and engage every member of the crowd there; you don't get to see quality hardcore like this very often so their set is a real treat to watch.

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