Mowbird at Swn 2011

Day 3 of Swn at Buffalo continues with North Wales four piece Mowbird and they stand as quite a contrast to previous band DZ Deathrays. Mowbird play lo-fi indie and have been compared to Grandaddy, although today there doesn't seem to be a huge comparison there as while they have the lo-fi thing down well, with the scuzzy guitar sound,they lack the quirk of that band. This may be because while they have a keyboard player, only one or two songs actually use the keyboard to create additional sounds, the rest of the time the keyboardist wanders about playing a tambourine which you can't really hear too well, it seems like a trick has been missed.

Unfortunately most of the four piece try to avoid eye contact with the crowd, the bassist appears to play the entire set with his eyes shut, leaving the interaction to the nervous looking front man who proceeds to tell us bad (although quite sweet) jokes. All in all it's a static affair, they spend quite a long time between each song tuning up or chatting amongst themselves and this and the lack of stage presence leaves the crowd a little underwhelmed which is a shame because their nicely melodic tunes aren't bad.

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