Patterns at Swn 2011

Patterns have a criminally small crowd for their brilliant set of dreamy-indie-pop tunes. The four piece impress with sweet vocals, hypnotic, jangly guitar and minimal but well placed thanks to those assembled. Their front man seems lost in the music but doesn't switch off, he fills the small space he has available with movement. This may not have been the best venue for their haunting tunes though, it's too light and too loud, the pub's lights are on full and people are talking from half way back, the low hum of their chatter intrudes on the music too much; Patterns deserve an atmospheric venue with a rapt audience for their tunes to really come alive.

The surroundings don't affect their performance though and they power through their lovely, hooky, all encompassing walls of noise. At times you are reminded of Interpol, but this lot are far less miserable and pretentious, with soaring riffs, spine-tingling and delicate melodies they captivate those who take the time to listen and do it in a completely down-to-earth way with no fuss. They are definitely ones to keep an eye on.