Kutosis at Swn 2011

Cardiff trio Kutosis come highly recommended- touted by seemingly everyone at the moment as the next big thing, so we just had to check them out and it seems that word has got around as the venue is near capacity by the time they start their set. With a sound somewhere between McLusky and Joy Division, their alt-rock tunes are quirky but full of hooks and rock-out moments. Live they are a more interesting prospect than on record, the tunes really coming alive as their performance is packed with energy and movement and sounds meatier and much warmer. They pack quite a punch at times and really get this tea time crowd at Dempseys in the mood for the rest of the closing night of Swn Festival.

The band just powers through their set, no time for chatting with the crowd. Their well practiced tunes are kept tight, and although they don't really do catchy and melodic tunes as such, (sticking firmly to jagged and quirky), they are still great to groove to courtesy of some great bass, and the crowd makes the most of it. As a result, towards the end of the set most people are at least bobbing their heads.