Tracer - Islington Academy

Adelaide rockers Tracer found their way across the globe and landed a gig at the Islington Academy, London.

The Aussie trio wasted no time in launching into their opening number The Bitch where they perfected recreated the depth of sound heard on their album Spaces In Between. Considering there are only three musicians on stage, Tracer create an impressive sound, it could easily have been a four or five piece up there.

Despite their young ages, the boys in Tracer produce a classic rock sound that appeals to a wide range of people, which was highlighted by the diverse audience at Islington. They do a wonderful job of mixing classic and contemporary sounds, every track grabs and holds onto your attention.

Each member is confident with their chosen instrument and plays with ease. Towards the end of their set brothers Leigh and Michael Brown threw their guitars behind their heads Hendrix-style and continued to play, before launching into a blinding cover of War Pigs by Black Sabbath.

Tracer put on an impressive show that left the crowd wanting more, so it wasn't long before they were back on stage to perform Too Much to close the show. Tracer have a lot of potential, and are definitely worth checking out the next time they're over