Viking Skull - London Borderline

Its been ten years since Viking Skull formed, and now they've released their sixth studio album which coincides with a UK tour that kicked of at Borderline.

Viking Skull had pulled in a nice crowd at Borderline, it was very busy without being packed which was a bonus considering how stuffy it gets down there on a hot day. Everyone in the room was clearly amped to see the band, and hear their new material from the album Cursed By The Sword, which was released three days earlier.

It wasn't long before Viking Skull came on stage and launched into their blistering set. As expected their new songs, just like their old songs are full of killer riffs, awesome drums, heavy basslines which were all perfectly accompanied by Roddy's hoarse yet strong voice.

The crowd were clearly lapping up every part of the show, there wasn't a still body in the room, apart from when Roddy needed the occasional break and would have a little sit down at the side of the stage.
The boys put on a great performance, obviously their old material gained more of a reaction from the crowd, but their new material also went down well.

Viking Skull proved themselves to be great performers who know their way around their chosen instruments and they put on a stellar show. They are definitely a band to be seen in a live setting.