The Getaway Plan storm Underworld

Walking up to the Underworld, I was amazed by the excitement levels of the fans queuing up to get in to tonight's sold out show in London; before even entering the dungeon like room, fans had already started screaming in anticipation.

Fans stood, squashed in to a box-like space as Australian rockers The Getaway Plan took to the stage, the static charge circling the fans heightened and it was only a matter of seconds before the crowd warmed up.
Although possibly being considered a mainstream act and not necessarily fitting in to tonight's line up, they delivered a set of melodic tracks to perfection.
As the opening lines of "The Reckoning" echoed through the venue, I wondered if Matthew Wright's notes could get any higher but emotion, displayed in his octave vocal range were phenomenal; in fact all musicians were on top form, showing true commitment and sincerity.
Their set played host to both old and new tracks including "Shadows" which resulted in a sing-along, and although crowd interaction wasn't their strong point, they managed to gain an incredibly strong response from fans throughout.

After a short hiatus the boys delivered a solid set of tracks without fault and are well worth a revisit, we need to see more of them and soon.