Malta Rocks

On the same night a storm hit New York, there was another storm brewing in Boston too - that's the Boston Arms in London - where Cable35 finished off a memorable night of top notch rocking music from previous bands Deltorers, Caboose and Valentiine with a full on high octane display.

Cable35 are fast becoming big favourites here with their alternative meets grunge meets psychedelic, with a few other bits and bobs chucked in for good measure, and it was about time we got to see if they sound just as good live as they did on the awesome Louder album. The simple answer is yes!

The trio are originally from Malta (yes Malta and on this evidence Malta rocks) and now based in Sheffield all played faultlessly, which with the energy they put in is good going. The only slight mishap is when the drum kit appeared to be possessed and left the drummer, Chris, having to literally kick the bass drum as his pedal could no longer reach. Thankfully Caboose's drummer came to the rescue by performing the necessary exorcism.

Up front, Jeff and Kriz put on a good show and with tracks like Cow Head and Factory Floor they had several members of the crowd dancing around, while the rest were a little bit more reserved but there was not one set of head or feet not bobbing or tapping to the tunes.

Cable35 may not be a household name but their style and skill puts some of the bigger bands to shame. The boys are regularly playing gigs up and down the country and we strongly recommend you check them out.