Sonic Boom Six - Winter Tour 2012

Its been a number of years since I last saw Sonic Boom Six, so was interested to see what they brought to the table in their sold out show at Borderline.

As the band stepped out onto the tiny stage, everyone in the packed venue went nuts, it was nice to see the band get such a warm welcome on a cold winters night especially from such a mixed crowd.
Sonic Boom Six are still full of surprises and seamlessly mix elements of ska, punk, hip-hop and rock as their music constantly evolved and took unexpected turns.

Their show at the Borderline was one of the last in a huge headlining UK tour in support of their new album Sonic Boom Six. Being about three weeks into the tour, it was no surprise that the band executed song after song with an extreme precision and appeared to be an extremely tight unit.

As lasers darted around the room, the band performed a healthy mix of songs; both old and new. The likes of Piggy In The Middle, S.O.S and Karma Is A Bitch whipped the crowd into a frenzy and there was barely a still body in the house throughout their set.

Sonic Boom Six put on a good show, and both the crowd and the band seemed to be having a lot of fun. The experience they've gained through years of touring was evident as they owned their instruments and worked the crowd.