The Getaway Plan - Tour de Vital

Melbourne's The Getaway Plan made their second trip to the UK to play at a very busy London show.

It's rare to see a venue almost full by the time the first band hit the stage, but that's exactly what happened at The Garage; proving the level of excitement and hype surrounding The Getaway Plan.

The young Australian rockers wasted no time in getting things started and were clearly in high spirits as they opened the show. As they launched into The Reckoning it became instantly clear why they have such a strong following in Australia and you could not help but wonder whether they should have been given a higher billing.

The second song of their set was the one they mention in our interview; the one that's so new that it doesn't have a name. Much like the first song, it was played perfectly and really highlighted how much of a tight unit The Getaway Plan are.

It was an impressive performance from an up and coming band, it was clear that they had won the crowd over and I'm sure many of those present will go to one of The Getaway Plan's shows the next time they make the long journey over from Australia.