The Xcerts - Tour de Vital

If you saw Anberlin in 2010, you definitely would have got the feeling of deja vu at their London show, as yet again, Scottish rockets The Xcerts were supporting.

The Xcerts have been labelled as one of the UK's hardest working bands for quite some time now, and judging by their tight performance it was obvious they were anything but out of practice.

The band captured the crowd's attention as soon as they stepped on stage and had a good number of people in the audience singing along with their set. The only time the crowd became slightly quieter was when The Xcerts performed four new songs from their upcoming album.

The Xcerts performed with a lot of energy and without missing a beat, by watching their performance you would not have thought that they'd just come off of a six month break. Their live music was not as polished as on record, but their rough sound had a lot of charm and it was great to hear their music in a raw form.

The Xcerts are a band who are going from strength to strength, and 2013 is bound to be a big year for them. You should take your chance to see them in intimate venues while you can.