Anberlin - Tour de Vital

The Garage was packed as Anberlin took to the stage and launched straight into Little Tyrants, one of the a heavier tracks from their new album which instantly got the crowd moving. With barely time to take breath, the band started playing We Owe This To Ourselves.

It seemed like within minutes of being on stage, both the band and the audience were drowning in sweat thanks to the high-octane performance that was happening in an intimate setting.

The audience helped frontman Stephen Christian out by singing every word to almost every song, every time they finished a track Anberlin received a massive round of applause, often while they crowd was applauding Christian would be fighting his way back to the stage through a sea of sweaty bodies.

The Anberlin boys showed of some impressive musicianship; especially drummer Nathan Young, who proved himself to be highly competent and showed off a range of skills.

Their set came to a close with new song Self-Starter but as expected; Anberlin returned to the stage to perform Godspeed, which being a fan favourite, was greeted with deafening applause. Their finale was definitely the highlight of their set and thanks to the amount of energy the band poured into that track it made the rest of the show seem slightly sluggish in comparison.

Anberlin have been around for over a decade and have had varying levels of success, but it was obvious that during their time together they have become a very cohesive unit who put on a stunning live show.