Max Raptor

Max Raptor were clearly the band of the night people wanted to see, as a big fan of the previous two bands I was skeptical about the headline act, I'd never heard anything about them and questioned why they were last up. Question no more.

These guys have an energy on stage which is immediately contagious for the crowd; as soon as the music started the lead singer was in the faces of everyone in the front row(whether they wanted him or not). Clearly a big influence from Billy Talent runs in this band's veins which is never a bad thing.

For the first time this evening the crowd seemed to wake up and actually enjoy the music, rather than just stand like zombies waiting for their head's to be caved in, Max Raptor had them bouncing around and even a small mosh pit started for the last song The King is Dead. Max Raptor have an electric live show and their songs are incredibly catchy, brilliant, and best of all patriotic. They are proud to be British and that radiates through their music. Breakers, Obey and Whips and England Breathes were among the highlights in their eight song set list.