Attention Thieves

Attention Thieves proved more than anything that as well as being awesome musicians, they're just funny guys. 'Who's excited for Max Raptor' the lead singer says to a quiet crowd 'see if I was a knob I'd say that's not good enough and do that bullshit, well I've mentioned it now so I might as well' and asked again much to the amusement of the crowd. It's moments like this which help establish Attention Thieves as a top live act, rather than just going through the motions and playing their tunes, they were able to brilliantly warm up the crowd in the main support slot.

Being another band who are following on in the wake of a new release with their EP Hard Truths they are always writing or playing shows and their unity and precision on stage proves just that. With hard hitting songs like Can't Say and Take a Bow from their new EP I think it's about time the world heard Attention Thieves roar.