No Frills Heavy Stoner Rock

The German riff wielding duo Beehoover kicked off their UK Tour on Friday at The Black Heart in Camden delivering an impressive and very heavy show. Where the band are lacking in stage charisma, they more than make up for it musically. To give a short description on the makeup of this band, we've got a drummer and a bassist/vocalist. What about the guitars right? Well front man Ingmar does things with his bass playing some musicians could only hope to achieve. In front of him on stage it was packed with all kinds of pedals and buttons, all used to create a mind bending heavy stoner sound. For half of the show most of the people down the front looked like they were trying to work out what the hell was going on.

Throughout the set, the audience within the tight confines of The Black Heart were treated to tracks from the band's latest release The Devil And His Footmen with the duo sounding extremely tight. Ingmar sits, almost facing the drummer Claus, as the two bounce off each other seamlessly, like a jam session where every single note is hit with perfection. With the drums as well, Claus showed great talent, switching it up between the pounding heavier drum fills to the more intricate aspects of his craft. With it being in such a small venue, the sound was impressively big, whether you were down the front, or milling around at the bar towards the back it sounded absolutely excellent. Beehoover were tonight able to amplify their unique touch within a scene full of very similar bands. They were able to turn up and rock everybody's minds harder than bands with more than double the amount of people. Charisma is lacking yes, there wasn't too much in the way of banter with the crowd, but to execute the tunes in the way that they do, with such technical precision, it is something you have to make exception for. They're loud, heavy and great live, if those three things sound like the perfect combination then it's definitely worth checking Beehoover out live.