The World Is Yours

The Black Heart in Camden houses all kinds of live shows throughout the year and has always been a fantastic venue right in the heart of the area introducing people to band's old and new. Tonight it was no different, as the Harrow based quintet, In Search Of Sun, used the venue as the launch site for their new debut album. We've reviewed this band in the past, under their former name Driven, so they've always been on our radar so it was good to see the venue pretty much packed out by the time they hit the stage.

The band opened the show with the first single from the album The World Is Yours which sounded even better live than it does on record. The most striking aspect to the new record is the vastly improved and far more technical guitar work, something that was not lost at all in the live environment. The venue can have bad sound at times, but tonight it was thankfully spot on as the impressive musicianship wasn't marred in any way. With it being an album launch show, the set list was of course full of new tracks, with most very well received. They're certainly in their element when performing live, the debut album is very good, but live the tracks become a different beast. Another of the singles released in build up to the album, Idle Crown is perhaps the clearest example of this it already had people singing along. There were a fair few packed into the venue who have clearly been following the band for some time, as the older Driven tracks spurred on some chaotic scenes. On the evidence of tonight, and the quality of the debut album, the future could be very bright for In Search Of Sun it certainly won't be long until they're hitting some of the smaller stages at the major festivals.