Taking Charge

Despite having played Download Festival and being one of the biggest bands in Germany, Boss Hoss join the short UK leg of the Motorhead tour as a relatively unknown quantity on these shores. Third on the bill can be a poisoned chalice at times but when Motorhead are in town you are guaranteed a decent crowd no matter what time you take the stage!

That Boss Hoss are used to playing on a big stage is immediately evident, with frontman Alec displaying an air of confidence that runs throughout the band. The first couple of songs are very much in the rock vein (and quite different to how they sound on record), which wins much of the crowd over. As a ten piece band there is plenty to look at and they use their space well, particularly the three piece brass section, who have a series of amusingly choreographed routines. The country element is played down a little tonight, no doubt with the occasion in mind but once they are assured of a good reaction they start to let go a little and are clearly enjoying themselves.

Their biggest hit in Germany Don't Gimmie That is something of a departure. It has a groove but it's very different and decidedly camp and clearly confuses some of the crowd who are not quite sure what to make of it. This is all part of what makes Boss Hoss work, the variety of styles, the amusing delivery and the tightness of the performance all combine to present a very entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable half hour set. They finish with a cover of Cameo's Word Up, which they transform into a rousing country styled anthem and get a fair section of the crowd singing along with. They get a great reaction as they finish and it's a clear case of job done. You'd be hard pushed to find another band that could cram as much as Boss Hoss do into half an hour and it certainly wouldn't be as much fun!