Zero Fucks Indeed

There are plenty of bands, too many in fact, who go under the radar and don’t get the kind of respect and recognition that they truly deserve. Palm Reader are one of those bands. Their new record Beside The Ones We Love is genuinely an album of the year contender, and in celebration of its release the band embarked on an ambitious plan to play five shows in one day on the first May Bank Holiday. By the time we had caught up with them at The Windmill in Brixton they were at show number three. There were a select handful who had already been to one of the two previous gigs also, but for many who hadn’t there was an awesome sense of excitement about what exactly to expect.

When the band did arrive, they set up quickly (the kind of pace any band should) and immediately launched themselves into a tirade of chaos. There wasn’t even a sign of fatigue in any way, considering they’d played two shows and hauled their gear from one side of London to the next, which in itself was impressive, but the performance itself was excellent. Front man Josh McKeown just bossed his role getting, what was ultimately a small crowd, involved throughout and keeping everyone absolutely engaged. It was heavy and unpredictable much in the same vein as their new record. The set they delivered at The Windmill did centre around the new record, much in the same way we imagine the other shows did as well - but there is one thing for sure Palm Reader have become a force to be reckoned with in the Hardcore scene at the moment and long may it continue on the evidence of today.