Another Big Impression Made

The last time Deadly Circus Fire played a show in London, it was in this very venue. The Barfly has played host to many bands who have leapfrogged to bigger things over the years, and on tonight’s performance it felt like being the case once again. Gone was the makeup and theatrics, instead paving the way for the performance to be all about what the four guys were doing on stage, and it seems that going away to write and record a new album has done them wonders because the maturity level has exponentially increased and as a unit the band really look like a formidable force.

Sticking to tracks from mainly their new album, The Hydra’s Tailor, the band injected a violent yet calculated performance of heavy riffs, meticulous time signatures and soaring vocals. Front man Adam Grant has really grown into his role in the band, his confidence in getting the crowd pumped up oozed across the venue from start to finish. Despite being such a small venue it is amazing how many bands and lead singers lose their audience at The Barfly so it was great to see this not happen tonight. Highlight from the show was actually seeing a lot of the new tracks being crowd favourites already. There were some big sing-alongs, and a small pit or two opening up down the front throughout the set so it is clear that the new album is already making the right kind of impression. Shout out also needs to go to drummer Paul Igoe, who’s brilliantly tight performance held everything together superbly.

Overall then, whilst of course there is still a long way to go for Deadly Circus Fire based on both tonight’s performance and the excellence shown on the new record, big things are certainly afoot.