Dance, Mosh, Skank

Less Than Jake and Anti-Flag joined forces to put on an impressive show; known as Punks ‘N’ Pins at London’s Brooklyn Bowl.

Whilst Anti-Flag put on a stellar show, it seemed that the majority of the crowd were out to see Less Than Jake or at least, the more rowdy members of the audience were. Much like their pals Anti-Flag; Less Than Jake had more than 20 years worth of material to choose from when putting together their set list for the evening.

It wasn’t long before the LTJ guys came bouncing onto the stage and all hell broke loose. That is, if hell is full of confetti guns, giant balloons and toilet rolls.

From the moment Less Than Jake played their first note, there was not a still body in the house as the audience danced, moshed and skanked through the band’s varied set. Less Than Jake were not shy in pulling songs from the depths of their back catalogue and including them into their set.

Less Than Jake’s enthusiasm was relentless and infectious; Chris DeMakes and Roger Lima were quite the dynamic duo, barely pausing for breath the banter between them easily filling the gaps between songs without being tiresome or boring.

It was clear from the get go that Less Than Jake love what they do, but this is most obvious in trombone player, Buddy Schaub, who bounced, danced and clowned around during the entirety of their set - not bad for a fella in his 40’s who had a pacemaker fitted earlier this year.

Less Than Jake put on a no-holds-barred performance which include tracks such as Gainesville Rock City and The Science Of Selling Yourself Short. The Floridian five-piece proved themselves to be a well-oiled machine who show no indication of slowing down.