Itís Almost Like TCTC Are Here

There is one thought on my mind during their performance and that is that Kasabian sound suited to fans of The Cooper Temple Clause. It is not until later on I realise that this is, in fact, why they supported TCTC during their 2003 tour.

They have a very unique style, and a passion for playing that cannot help but smack you around the face as you watch their show. With long musical interludes, hypnotic vocals and soothing basslines Ė Kasabian have more stage presence than you would expect from the first of four acts.

Despite only playing a thirty minute set Ė you can tell that they are one of the few bands out there that really justify their place on any bill. Itís not just as if they happened to land the bill because they knew someone at a record label Ė rather that they truly deserve to have their music shown based on their emotive and powerful performances.

The sad part of tonight is that a lot of the crowd have not yet arrived and Kasabian are playing to a venue a long way off full capacity. For those already here, Kasabian have certainly kicked off ĎA Taste of Summerí in the way that it should continue.