You’re Either Here… or Portugal

There are occasions that you suddenly feel overwhelmed by the bands that you see. Times when you remember what a truly good performance should be like. Times when you remember why you originally got into music. Any band that can make you feel this have done their job just as they are supposed to.

BRMC walk out on to a stage and somehow, despite not having 20 or 30 members as so many bands seem to these days, fill the stage where as so many other bands tonight have left it feeling empty. They manage to provide not only a depth of sound that is more befitting to a larger band – but a stage presence to match.

Sadly for everyone that has chosen to watch the end of the football, they have missed a performance on stage that would eclipse any skills that England’s football team could have.

BRMC are truly what live music is all about - people that genuinely pour themselves into not just their music but also their live show.