Tartan for All

After just a couple of hours, it almost becomes possible to take hard-rocking, powerful and fantastic metal as second nature when it really shouldn’t be. As Threshold take to the main stage with a front-man wearing a tartan skirt, it is obvious that they mean business. Whilst the skirt may not designate the fact that they mean business, the hammering bass lines, trashing guitars and penetrating vocals that knock you back are valid reasons to gain your attention.

As the main stage becomes more and more crowded, the energy in the room seems to come alive and under the command of their metal-thrashings. The crowd’s hands flail in the air and heads seem to almost rip from the owners’ necks.

Threshold are a band that are not just tighter than a pair of Speedos, but one that comes across as one all-enveloping sound that then kicks the shit out of you – in a good way. If you live, breathe and love metal – then you’ll adore Threshold.