A Shining Light

Hands and voices rise in appreciation as Sinergy walk out on stage. They’ve pulled a large crowd for the simple reason that they can put on a truly awesome metal show. Their metal is capable of inspiring a whole generation of new bands. Their line up has blessed them with talent; crashing guitars and slamming drumming manages to overrides the disappointing female vocals that are present through the first half of the set.

Although the band itself perform an awe inspiring rock set, their leading woman lacks the power to keep up with their fast moving onslaught of bloodthirsty proportions. Her voice is lost within their growling guitars. To listen to Sinergy is to listen to pure, unadulterated, undiluted metal at its very best. This is a vibrant band filled with pure energy who will not be let down by their lead singer. No amount of hair flicking whilst wearing a Viking hat will increase the power found in their singer who lacks the drive of the other members of Sinergy. Her voice, as good as it is, is a disappointing let down for a band who would otherwise be hot stuff at Bloodstock 04.