Cruising in at third on the bill, Primal Fear entertain with their passionate metal for all to hear.

Primal Fear have attracted a large crowd before they come one. However, as soon as they take to the stage, more people seem to flood in from nowhere to marvel at their slick musical skills. They have the look about them, the glint in the eye, which suggests that this is a band who knows just how to create the ideal set. They seem perfectly comfortable to be third on the list of bands playing in the Main Hall, for although they don't get enough time to do their talent justice, they're able to enjoy what they're doing more than concentrate on creating a good show for the fans.

This doesn't mean to say that they're not tight whilst playing however, for Primal Fear work together fluently which gives the crowd the brilliant set they demand. The songs played are good on record, but it's the sheer love of music pumped into the set by Primal Fear that really sets them above the bands playing lower down on the bill. Monstrous groans of heavy music float from the stage through the sweat filled air and become lost in the sea of faces. Primal Fear, more than anyone else in the Main Hall, are having a good time and once again, metal shows that it is one of the most vibrant and alive genres around today.

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