Without Flair

Evergrey are a tough act to follow – for any band. The main stage has emptied and everyone seems to have left the venue and be killing time in Derby’s city centre. Now nine years old, Balance of Power formed in 1995 and, since that date, have evolved significantly. With five studio albums – their last release in 2003 was described as “totally buzzing with energy”; this being the case their set should be one that I hold with high expectations.

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Categorising Balance of Power is not the easiest thing to do. Imagine crossing Cradle of Filth with Iron Maiden and you’ll see something that equated to Balance of Power. They definitely don’t just sit in a simple genre cardboard box like so many other bands do and find themselves experimenting in a way that works.

Problems arise, however, when a guitarist whose flair for performance matches George Bush’s sense of world peace. Guitar solos seem to simply exist and be played. They don’t portray the feeling of pride that other soloists seem to ooze with when standing on a main stage of a festival. It is only their front-man that manages to grab the crowd’s full attention and boost the band’s overall performance level.

Whilst another great live band, they just lack the insanity, passion and drive that all of the other bands at Bloodstock seem to come across with live. The sound they produce may be good – but compared to the rest of the bill, good just isn’t enough.

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