Not Nightwish

If Nightwish were to move to Austria and lose their stunning, rich, operatic vocals then Edenbridge would be born. This may be a slight exaggeration, but there is no doubt that they come over as another euro-goth band that sit very nicely in Nightwish’s shadow.

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Front-lady Sabine walks out on stage looking remarkably like Nightwish’s Tarja. She has the same gestures, the same posture and practically the same outfit that Tarja wore at a recent London gig. The similarities stop, however, the moment that she opens her mouth.

Whilst Sabine’s vocals are both soaring and beautiful, they simply lack the depth that several other female vocalists seem to have. It could be that the PA is not doing her any favours, but you also get the feeling that she’s still got a fair way to go when it before she could fill a stadium with her vocals without the use of a microphone. Not every band need stadium-filling vocals, but when it comes to melodic-goth-metal – strong vocals help to carry a band enormously.

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Edenbridge are a great band – in times that Amy Lee is considered a goth hero, bands like Edenbridge are needed. Their only problem is that they stand in a shadow so vast that they may well have problems escaping it.

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