Are Intense really cool enough to wear their own t-shirts when playing on stage?

It's a sure sign that a band is proud of their music when they wear their own t-shirts. Intense have every right to be proud, for they marry epic, adventurous 6-string action with rampaging vocal work. This truly is what Metal music is all about. Their music imbeds the urge to create or to travel on a journey through mind or country deep into your mind. Anyone who says that Metal is a dying genre is well and truly wrong- just one look at the way Intense work together on stage with the crowd would prove this theory wrong. Unlike many bands they are able to give the crowd brutal metal that has a wild, undiluted feel to it but also offer the type of eight minute slower songs which you listen to at 3AM to prolong the delicious melancholy feeling that comes after a night of drinking rather than compelling you to hit the skip button.

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Despite their ability to inspire and give optimists a reason to believe Metal will last forever, the band do have some weaker points. Movement on stage is rather limited and the set seems to drag on towards the last two songs.

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