Beautifully Gothic Metal

If youíve heard the Seasonís End debut album, ĎThe Failing Lightí youíll know whatís in store for people planning on seeing the band live in the near future. With Becki Clark providing vocals, theyíre a wonderful addition to the Bloodstock line-up which is already splitting at the seams with UK talent. Providing all who are interested (and thatís a large amount of people) with a large portion of beautifully dark gothic metal complete with vocals to die for, Seasonís End are the most professional band to grace the Darwin Suite stage this Friday evening. Clarke is able to project her voice to the very corners of the room with the infinite grace which comes from knowing youíre in a band that will go far if given half the chance.

The band proves that itís possible to create the perfect balance between true metal songs clocking in at 8 minutes and 3 minute single-worthy songs which thrill the mind and the soul. Despite the limited time they are scheduled to play for, they manage to give new listeners a varied mixture of songs which show the true talent found within their twisting guitars and mesmerising vocals.

Seasonís End are one of only a few British bands we can be proud of producing, in a world of Girls Aloud and Busted perhaps the British Music industry is not doomed to a slow death.