Just Not Nightwish

The Femme Fatales stage is an interesting idea. Take four bands all with corset-clad front-ladies and put them on the second stage at Bloodstock. It sounds like it could be a big mistake – yet thankfully the organisers have worked this out and given us the likes of Liquid Sky.

As front-woman Fiona Creaby walks out on stage, you can tell that people are already curious about how credibly this stage can be pulled off. The room is packed to near capacity and the temperature is soaring almost as much as the guitars; and soar they do.

With guitars that purr underneath Fiona’s voice and heavy, driving bass lines – Liquid Sky are the perfect band to play at Bloodstock. Whilst her vocals may not have the rich depth that Nightwish’s Tarja Turunen possesses – they still manage to carry the symphonic metal in a way that most bands would fail on.

Having missed the openers of the Femme Fatales stage, it’s a great way to start the day at Bloodstock 2004.