Proper Fucking Metal

The second stage has seen everything from Christina Aguilera’s twin to electric banjos – never before has Bloodstock seen such an eclectic mix of metal genres. Bloodstock is, however, about one thing – passionate, original, heavy metal. Fourwaykill know how to provide just that.

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Forming in 1997, Fourwaykill comprise of front-man Chris, Jay on guitars, Rob on drums and, apparently, Podge on bass. Ever since their inaugural demo, they’ve been given critical acclaim and have played alongside bands such as Anthrax and Bloodstock 2003 headliners, Nightwish.

As they launch in to their set of body-crushing metal you can’t help but almost suffer an embolism from the fierce, brutal, aural assault. There is no doubt that they’ve earned their place on the line-up and that it’s time they finally got to headline a stage of their own.

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Sadly, a lot of people don’t bother to turn up. Whilst a partially-full room may provide a fair-sized crowd to rip each other limb-from-limb, too many people have missed out on the opportunity to get their own body parts sonically amputated. Fourwaykill deserved this set, and they’ve proven they’re ability once more to the metal world. You could say, in an eloquent way, “proper fucking metal”.

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