Talented, well-spoken young chaps Gutworm rage to their hearts content. Bless.

Gutworm are everything you'd expect from a band playing Bloodstock. This is a band who has a plan involving mile high riffs and ultra-violent roars of defiance. Their set leaves no room for thought, or time to let your head stop spinning, but you probably guessed that from their grotesque name. Gutworm aim to impress the large audience gathered in the Darwin Suite by assaulting their ears with murderously heavy metal to beat the listeners into submission. Luckily for them, it works with success, for their merchandising stand outside has many hands offering notes in return from CDs. Gutworm may be too heavy for some, but there is something there other than a large amount of chaotic noise. Somewhere in the snarl of guitars is a good songwriter’s signature and Gutworm will find themselves at the front of a ferocious pack of bloodthirsty bands

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