Quite possibly mad, Nowhere Near The Garden have landed…

The Darwin Suite looks more like the recovery room for tired rockers when Nowhere Near The Garden come onstage. People lean against the walls and chat quietly amongst themselves, oblivious to the devastation that will occur in a matter of seconds. The lead singer from Invey drapes herself over the barrier, her Christina Aguilera hairstyle flicking around excitedly. Most people are taking up residence in the Main Hall in preparation for headliners Children Of Bodom. However, the few curious (or just plain lazy) people are rewarded with a raw, gritty performance marking Nowhere Near The Garden out as a talented new band to keep track of.

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Not letting the disappointing turnout put them off, Nowhere Near The Garden launch straight into what has to be one of the most energetic sets of the Bloodstock festival. The lead singer refuses to be confined to the stage, so he tears off into the ever-growing crowd and begins to perform the most fascinating collection of movements ever. Some people who've wandered in out of curiosity look rather worried at the site of a man twitching whilst he sings into a microphone whilst others just laugh and join in when he races around, all the time throwing dramatic poses and howling mournfully into his microphone. They may be a new band, but they've got a large amount of passion and respect towards music stashed away in their songs and the wisdom to know that they have to prove this to people to ensure their success.

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