Hair Metal Returns

With their debut album just released, Humanity donít have a large following or the experience that many bands at Bloodstock do. There may not be thousands of fans pushing down the security barrier, but a reasonable crowd have gathered to size up these unknowns.

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Hair metal seems to have vanished without a trace since the 1980s, but itís time for a resurgence of mullets, long haired men and guitar poses that belong on the front cover of every music magazine across the country. Humanity are one of the bands that step up to the nu-hair-metal Challenge and remind you what itís supposed to be about.

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Humanity are a good band whose set comprises of songs that you canít ignore, canít dislike and canít help but listen to with baited breath. Whilst the crowd may be, as vocalist Simon says, ďtoo politeĒ Ė the band are great.

Currently lacking the ability to draw everyoneís attention towards their performance, itís going to be a long road ahead for Humanity Ė but when they reach the end of that road itís going to be worth it as theyíre a band with a great future ahead.

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