Ferocious metal at lunchtime? Must be Seven Years Deadů

Seven Years Dead are nothing special to look at. The only noticeable difference between them and the metal fans in the Darwin suite is that they're on stage with a barrier in front of them.

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Sounding like the hellish crossbreed of a yeti and a dragon, they growl and rage, clattering like a cattle shed held together with guitar riffs of a size you thought was impossible to achieve. This is the type of heavy metal you could butcher a pig to- but with a name like Seven Years Dead, that was obvious. What they do manage to do differently is slide some melody underneath the growling stop-start music that can instantly start a riot. All the members of Seven Years Dead are filled to the brim with a talent for destruction, but the way inhuman, bloodthirsty vocals grate against vicious movements on stage in the form of a front man any band would kill for is impressive.

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