A Disappointing Start

The Assembly Rooms are still almost empty as Rezin 69 take to the Darwin Suite. With the people that have actually turned up remaining completely inanimate, it was always going to be a tough set for the band.

As they progress through a set that lacks the impact of all the bands that played on Friday, the crowd remain totally motionless. There are no cheers, there are no pits and there are very few courtesy claps.

The two-fronted vocal attack from female singer Maria Virgilio and male guitarist Ben Freebury work well together. Whilst her vocals may shadow his, itís a pairing that works. Many bands that try to use dual-gender vocals tend to fall over, and it seems that the crowd arenít appreciating Rezin 69ís style.

Rezin 69 are not the kind of band that can give you the early-morning wake-up you need, nor are they a band that draw in any of the crowd. When it comes to live performance, their stage presence needs work but donít let that put you off their music, as there are moments in which the band fit together so well you feel sorry for the fact that the crowd have stopped listening.