Rightful Headliners

T in the Park has already shown us that putting The Strokes together with The Pixies actually works really well – will tonight work as well as their Scottish appearances earlier this year?

Opening to ‘Reptilia’, Julian Casablanca and the rest of The Strokes start as they mean to go on with a zest for playing that most bands lack in today’s day and age. As usual, Julian seems to be somewhat merry – rambling in between songs. This is a part of the Strokes and it wouldn’t be the same if it was any other way.

Quite clearly loving the crowd – he is greeted by cheer after cheer – so much so that they do something very rare for The Strokes. They encore.

It’s nice to see that in a day and age where many bands have lost the ability to perform that some bands stand out and shine above the rest. They did it at T in the Park and they’ve done it again today. The Strokes have proved that they can quite comfortably play above The Pixies, legends of rock, on any line-up.