True Rock Legends

A band like The Pixies leave a legacy when they vanish off the face of the planet. Bands as diverse as Papa Roach and The Bloodhound Gang reference their material whilst influence shines through thousands of artists world wide.

Enter 2004 and the Pixies have returned to music – older, wiser and less controversial. In a year that is becoming theirs, they’ve already played a headline tour and a series of festival dates. Tonight it’s their time to play in Staffordshire’s Weston Park.

There is only one real word to describe The Pixies – legends. They play as legends, they have the stage presence of legends and they are, in fact, true legends.

The recent T in the Park showed off their talents, yet left them subject to a somewhat apathetic crowd and a PA that couldn’t cope with Scotland’s weather. None of this is an issue tonight as they power through their hour (and a quarter) headline slot like the true pros they are.

One thing is clear – The Pixies haven’t lost anything over the years and Frank Black still commands a crowd in a way that very few others can.