Boiler Suits All Round!

If I were to ask you to mention a band that wears boiler suits – your initial thoughts may well lead to Slipknot. In this case you would be very wrong. Besides the fact that these boiler suits are yellow – I’m talking about the Zutons who are now standing on stage matching the rather large ‘Zutons’ poster that is resident beside the main stage.

Six months ago was the first time that most people took notice of The Zutons – and since then they have, deservedly, been growing in popularity – both with critics and fans alike.

Add in some funk by using basslines that work really well with the saxophone and their style of performance and you get not just good music, but a pretty entertaining show.

Playing to a packed crowd, everyone seems to go mad as ‘You Will, You Won’t’ starts to pour from the PA. Frenzied clapping, mass-sing-songs and yellow boiler suits that remind me of the wasp that stung my neck earlier all mix together to give you a show that only The Zutons could provide.

They’re not a headlining band, nor a true ‘festival’ band – but if you could catch them somewhere small you’d be in for a great night.