Who Else Can Pull Off Knightrider?

Opening any set with a recording of the Knightrider theme mixed in a slightly scary way is always a ballsy decision to make. InMe, however, pull it off with ease and glide straight in to their first song.

The set list itself does have me asking the question of how InMe are supposed to be a ‘new band’ – after all, the Music Choice stage is supposed to be the ‘New Band Stage’… most new bands can’t play songs from a selection of albums.

Playing to one of the largest crowds that the Music Choice stage has seen today – InMe do to the crowd what Mr. Bush would call ‘Shock & Awe’. Throughout the set they play their instruments in a way that would be more befitting to the use of a pneumatic drill – yet it sounds good.

As the set comes to a close the energy that exudes from InMe can still be felt by those leaving the tent. If this isn’t enough – the remaining crowd chant the bands name and cause an encore of one final song.

If everyone at V played with the excitement and energy that InMe do, then it would certainly be a far better place all round.