Bigger Than The NME Stage

The last time I saw The Killers was at the beginning of this year in support of New York City’s Stellastarr*. Located in Birmingham Academy 2 – well under 1,000 people witnessed them that night. Some months on and I hear people asking questions as to why this band are not playing on the main stage. Times change quickly in music – that’s for sure.

All the other stages are suffering a mass exodus towards this one as it seems that The Killers have grown bigger than V, or anyone else for that matter, expected. They play through an eight song set with a sense of excitement and you can almost imagine them feeling overwhelmed at the fact that they can draw such a crowd. Not for one second do they let this get in the way – playing with the same intensity that they did all those months ago in a side-room of a venue in Birmingham.

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As they finish with their new single, it is clear that The Killers have grown in size for a reason other than the usual marketing techniques that are applied to many bands. Don’t expect The Killers to vanish into the world of indie-obscurity as they’ll definitely be here for some time to come.

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