No Mummy!

Opening to a song about ‘not dating women like your mother’ is a good introduction to Tim Booth and his band – introduced as The Individuals.

One thing is clear – and that is that Tim Booth is experimental, if it were possible to have a five hour set with different instruments for every song then I think that there’s a good chance Tim would take on the challenge – yet through all the diversity remains a constant and unique sound.

Expect overdriven basses, funky 1980s synth noises and some slightly Billy Corgan-esque vocals. If you put all of this together then you are beginning to get a picture of Tim Booth’s style. Add in songs about commitment or simply popping down to the sea for the day and you are finally getting to see what Tim Booth is about.

The crowd love him for sure as the stage is packed with fans – so much so that queues build outside the normally-quiet Music Choice tent. Sing-a-longs and cheering galore seem to attract even more people inside.

Certainly worth a look – although he won’t be everyone’s cup of tea!