Explosive Decompression Ahead

Two frontmen. One is dressed like Dennis the Menace and the other one looks remarkably like the geek in the film ‘Road Trip’. They’re setting up their own equipment and are playing as the second band of the day on the fourth stage of the festival. Instincts tell you to have no expectation.

As I enter the tent I’m taken back to notice that it’s packed with people. A couple of minutes later and the P.A. almost explodes as the band burst in to their first song. Heavy, overdriven, powerful riffs follow and leave the crowd bouncing off their Sunday-morning hangover in just a matter of minutes.

The on-stage banter and crowd interaction actually works. They don’t seem stupid, nor scared – yet most bands of this size simply try to hide behind the music and pretend that a crowd is not present. Finishing off with FX-laden riffs and jumping off an amp the promise to play an acoustic set on-site later on leaves a happy crowd to, once again, leave the Music Choice tent empty.

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