!!! - Reading 2004

I first became aware of this band when surfing through the Warp Records website. Any friend of Aphex Twin's is a friend of mine I thought, so, pleased I was when I found them on the Reading bill. Pronounced 'Chk Chk Chk', (or any three repeated sounds in fact, 'um um um' for example) they are an American outfit that formed in 1997. The seven-piece played through their gerrrrr-roovy set in a raunchy fashion, ripping it up with such classic poetry as 'Shit, Schiesse, Merde,' a cool, rude, pop-track, imagine Michael Jackson's groove meets Gordon Ramsey's mouth (in three languages) and some spice from his kitchen. And then there was the awesome nine-minute single 'Me and Giuliani Down By The School Yard (A True Story)' That, people, was great.

They've a unique style, mega-groovy indeed and terribly infectious, percussionís the key, theyíre a dance music act predominantly, but itís all played live with real instruments, with a pinch of punk and funk and some soul singing thrown into the mix, you canít go wrong with a bit of !!!

Advice to you, from a Reading reviewer and trusted friendÖ Next time youíre in the neighbourhood and !!! are playing in the Dance Tent next door, stop by and be delighted out of your mind!!!