Style and Cool From a Stupid Name

One of the highlights of the weekend was almost certainly going to be BRMC – known for their performances. They may have a name that makes about as much sense as certain recent political decisions – but that doesn’t detract from the sheer stage presence that they emit.

Walking on stage in a cool and casual fashion, one thing is clear – the Motorcycle Club plan on tearing it up more than a bunch of Hell’s Angels.

To see a band that are in control of the crowd with such power is always impressive and as the set draws to a close with bassist Robert Turner playing whilst falling over in to the crowd you know that it’s been a fun forty-five minutes.

Nobody leaves BRMC feeling disappointed – most notably the fan that managed to catch the band’s tambourine during the set… certainly a more memorable souvenir than a drum stick or plectrum. One thing’s for sure – Starsailor and Massive Attack now have their work cut out for them to close tonight’s NME stage.