Iron Saviour provide good, solid fun at Bloodstock 2005

Formed by producer Piet Sielck in Hamburg Germany, Iron Saviour's mixture of pure metal with lyrics portraying the epic journey of the spaceship "Iron Saviour" makes them both an obvious but also a more interesting and unique choice of band to play at Derby's Bloodstock festival 2005. Slotted between the unique stylings of Suidakra and the more classic style of Raven, Iron Saviour took the middle route and treated the audience to good, old-fashioned style metal.

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"Solid" is the word that accurately describes Iron Saviour's set, songs like 'Condition Red' provide melodic metal stylings powered by a chugging rhythm section and chunky guitar riffs which whilst hardly providing the height of originality, certainly do entertain enough. Towards the end of the set the songs do end up feeling rather samey and similar to one another however, which does hold back Iron Saviour's set from being truly memorable.

The audience were clearly enthusiastic for the band that retained a masterful control over their crowd at all times, making them clap along when encouraged and generally enjoy themselves. At times the band were rather stationary and almost unenthusiastic during the middle part of the set but for the greater part Piet Sielck's attitude and guitar skills held enough charisma to sway the mid-afternoon audience to join in and enjoy themselves when they could be away having lunch. An admirable feat!

Overall an enjoyable set that doesn't exactly rock the boat in any way but does leave the audience feeling that it was a good way to spend 40 minutes. Iron Saviour fit the bill perfectly as good, fun, solid metal for a fun headbang in the afternoon.

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